#feminists (2017)

#feminists (2017) is a MA personal project, which is an observation of an online phenomenon that captures contemporary female representation on social media.

The online hashtag for Feminists is “disconnected from any collective political project”, it showcases a seemingly new taste for female representation, which “extends beyond sex – where nastiest translates as most honest, self-obsession becomes a universal experience”, leading by celebrities such as Miley Circus.

In addition, this online phenomenon has a bound relationship with Millennials, the generation which on one hand, “has rarely experienced institutionally and legally sanctioned sexism”, on the other hand, grew up alongside the Internet, who is most familiar with social media, hashtags and narcissistic selfie-taking.

So what do you think? Are #Feminists the traditional Feminists? “Could this hashtag generation be trusted to fight for women’s human rights?”

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